Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Slinky Lingerie VS Cute Pajamas

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I love having girlfriends to talk to because they help you figure out so much things about your life. It's fantastic when you realize the stuff you are experiencing or wondering about are things your friends have thought about and sometimes even already figured out. I love it when they share their philosophies and can laugh about things that happen to lots of us.

For instance, I read in a magazine recently that most men could care less about lingerie because what they really want is you OUT of the lingerie. My husband isn't big into lingerie. I always thought that was weird, based on all the junk you see on TV, in movies and in those ridiculous women's magazine articles where they are constantly pushing trampy sexuality on women.

So I asked a girlfriend about it and she laughed out loud. She said her husband is totally the same way and she thinks there are lots of guys out there that aren't that into super slinky, revealing lingerie. She said her husband's favorite look for her is a tank top and pajama bottoms. That's what he loves. She said that knowing this she tries to keep a pretty selection of tanks and pajamas that look nice and give her that sweet, girlish look her husband likes.

I'm thinking about this again because I realized that I let one important thing slip. I bought a couple of cute new shirts, new jeans and a beach cover up to wear the week of homecoming activities & reunion, I got my hair refreshed, I got a little sun on my cheeks, I gave my skin extra TLC. But I totally forgot sleepwear for the first few nights. That may be because with my current injuries the very idea of any pressure on my rib cage makes me want to cry. That's pretty sad because I've been looking forward to our homecoming honeymoon for a while now. But I'm sure we'll figure all that out and I'm definitely not going to refuse any advances by my very handsome husband. We're just going to have to be a little bit creative.

But I guess that's why I forgot to think about sleepwear. That or being distracted by all the housecleaning I needed to get done. Oh, I hate the homecoming housecleaning. I love the clean house but I hate all the work and the stress of it. Anyway, I'm suddenly on a tangent about housecleaning and seriously who wants to talk about that?! Bleeek.

So I needed to do one more quick shopping trip last Saturday. I went on a search for some cute sleepwear. It's tricky to find something that works with your body and fits the bill, but I did my best. Hope I found just the right things to let my husband know he's home and we're together.

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