Monday, April 22, 2013

Things We Won't Tell My Husband: Episode 4

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Things We Don't Tell My Husband is a weekly column here where I share silly, sometimes sad or scary things I don't need to tell my husband because it won't help anything. In truth, these are all things I would gladly discuss with my husband if needed and necessary but it's more fun to share them and laugh with readers who will understand.

1. That we have not sat at the table to eat dinner in months. We often sit at the counter and even (GASP!) sometimes eat at the coffee table watching The Pioneer Woman episodes. And yes the little one has spilled a ton of food on the carpet there. Sigh.

2. That I have created a very well-functioning schedule for our family while he's been gone and it works superbly. When he comes back I know it's all going to go to the dogs and I'm going to be frustrated. I'm praying we can find some sort of compromise.

3. That I'm tired of the words "New Normal." Don't want to hear that anymore. lol.

4. That occasionally I let the little one eat stuff he wouldn't let her eat.

5. That it's been nice to not hear swearing like a sailor around the house.

6. That I got a parking ticket last week. $68! And I performing an act of kindness for someone and was only there for 15 minutes.

7. How lost I sometimes feel in the shell of our life here.

8. How sad our little one gets when she sees other kids with their dads.

9. That we desperately need a new bed. His great bed is in storage 150 miles away & mine is shot and getting worse by the minute. Seriously, it's awful.

10. That sometimes when I'm in the grocery store I throw in an expensive magazine for myself.

How about you readers. Anything funny or melancholy you'd like to add? We're all sisters here and we get it. Sending big love.

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