Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lessons I Learned From Army Wives

image via Army Wives

Army Wives premiered about the same time I met a retired Army Ranger who I dated for a short time. So it piqued my interest and I started watching and stayed. Then five years ago when I met Mr. Hart it definitely continued to be a bit of an educational tool to help me understand the military world. I never imagined in a million years we would act out our own deployment drama in real life years later.

Here are 10 helpful lessons I have learned from Army Wives:
  1. How to be a good military "sister"
  2. That there are lots of different types of military families and military wives
  3. That separation breeds misunderstanding & contention
  4. That being the homefront to a service member is a LOT of work & scheduling
  5. That forging strong friendships is a good thing
  6. The meaning of words like "chit", "Jody Bar" and FPCON ALPHA.
  7. That everyone gets a little bit screwed over at some point in their military career
  8. To never expect a schedule to stay firm
  9. That if you're on TV you can get promoted through the ranks quite quickly
  10. That there are details about your husband's work that you can never know about
How about you dear readers? What lessons have you learned from seven seasons of Army Wives?


  1. I liked that show the first few seasons and then it just got over the top for me.

  2. I have my moments with it too. I'm having a hard time getting into all the new characters this year. I just want Claudia Joy, Roland, Roxy & Pamela back. :)

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