Monday, April 15, 2013

Things We Won't Tell My Husband: Episode 3

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This is just a silly little column I publish every Monday morning about silly things my husband doesn't need to know that I've been up to while he's been deployed. Nothing immoral or illegal, just stuff that would make him laugh, roll his eyes at me or even worry a bit. But these are things I think most girlfriends and wives have either done or can totally relate to. Nothing I mention here is something I wouldn't actually own up to if he asked or if it mattered. They're just little things.

1. That I went through the drive-thru the other day while he was chattering away on the phone and just muted it while I ordered, then again when I paid and picked up my food. He had no idea.

2. That I have not missed hearing about all his biological processes while he's been gone. lol.

3. That it's been so long that I have started to miss his super, super stinky workout shirts in the laundry.

4. That I realized early on it would be very easy to lean too much on other men while he's gone and have been very careful about getting into any situation that could lead to anything compromising happening.

5. That I still haven't taken care of that one Tri-care bill. Only have a couple weeks to get that done before it's too late. (I'll do it Tuesday).

6. That I like to embarrass him by decorating the envelopes of all my letters with neon markers & hearts just because I know it kinda puts him on the spot....but really he loves getting mail. Indulging me is the price he'll have to pay.

7. That without meaning to, I realized last week when I was a little mad with him that I have put framed photos of him everywhere in the bedroom. Hard to stay mad when everywhere you turn his face is smiling back at you....Ack, there he is again!

8. That I know he always keeps a couple of letters unopened just in case he really needs one some day. He gets them often enough, that it's not a problem.

9. That it hurts my feelings a little on days when our little one gets all fun, smiles, hugs and kisses from him and then when it's my turn on the computer or phone I get a TO DO list, talk about bills, frustrations and worries. I know it's par for my "rank" but....

10. That just because I don't verbally freak out with him about stuff he worries about doesn't mean I'm not freaking out a lot inside. I just don't see how it will help for BOTH of us to be freaking out at the same time. Seriously.

How about you? Any silly things you don't tell your husband? Anything that breaks your heart just a little bit? And remember, keep in within the moral and legal limits. Don't be tarnishing up my innocent little blog with anything stupid or truly destructive now.

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  1. Oh the things I did while my husband was on deployment, LOL! I redecorated to the way I wanted the house. I realized that I enjoy sleeping ALONE! Then there is the rule of something ALWAYS breaks on a deployment, uh thats classified LOL.


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