Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sentimental Old School Navy Blankets

Faribault Woolen Mills U.S. Navy Blanket

If there is one thing I have learned about military folks it's that they are VERY sentimental. Maybe it's all the constant change they live with, maybe it's the traditions and ceremonies, but they are amazingly soft-hearted when it comes to attaching deep meaning to treasured belongings.

So it would come as no surprise that I too am sentimental, particularly about symbols of the military. I think it's connected not only to my husband but the decades of history before him in his father and stepdad's long and successful military careers. When we toured the Battleship Wisconsin last year in Norfolk, VA it was all I could do to not ask to take home the china, rimmed in blue with a simple anchor emblem. So simple, stately and perfect.

I totally and completely love these wool blankets modeled after the original World War II Navy bedding. They are made here in the U.S using all American wool too. I think this would be a fantastic treasure for our family to remember our military years and as a keepsake that would last for generations. I can just see it thrown over the arm of a sofa or over the back of a super comfy chair.

I had to put this on my list of must haves. I keep that list very short but this is definitely on it. The U.S. Navy wool blankets would also make a fantastic wedding, going away or retirement gift. These beauties are available from the online shop Three Potato Four.

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