Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't Have A Crummy Birthday If He's Gone

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If you are dating or married to a service member the chances are good you will celebrate birthdays, holidays,  and vacations alone at times. I thought I'd share a simple recipe for having a great day or great trip, even if the one you love most is away. To sulk and say you had a crummy birthday, vacation or holiday because the love of your life is not with you is a lame excuse, I'm sorry to say. No, actually I'm not sorry.

Fill your day with things and people that make you happy. Do not expect others to make that day special for you, even if they might do that. You know best what will make you most happy. Try to organize a simple day filled with relaxing, happy things you'd like to do.

Since I started doing this around the time I turned 30 I have loved my birthdays and look forward to celebrating them. One year I planned a surf lesson with my sister. Afterwards we incredibly hungry and so exhausted from our lesson. We were so happy to stop at a nearby patio shack for a slice of pizza and a good Coke to clear our throats of all the disgusting saltwater we'd swallowed. That simple slice of pizza and Coke goes down as one of the best meals I've ever enjoyed. A very happy day.

Another year I went to lunch with a good friend on the outdoor patio at one of my favorite mountain resorts. It was Spring and so beautiful. The food was amazing and I still remember taking a moment to make a memory of that happy day.

Make a plan for your holiday or birthday and make it a special day for you. Take a day trip or a weekend getaway. Get a pedicure, blowout or massage. Go for lunch or dinner to a restaurant you've always wanted to go to. Go to a favorite museum, amusement park, or beach --somewhere that makes you incredibly happy. Start your own little holiday traditions, plan a trip with friends or family. Take charge of your life and your happiness.

Don't sit home and sulk or complain that you had a crummy day. Make is special for you and then anything anyone else brings to your day or does for you that day will be a beautiful addition to an already fantastic day. These are your days, plan in advance and make sure they are memorable for you.


  1. I love this post!!! I have spent many special occasions away from Kyle but it always helped to keep busy. I was lucky enough to either go home to see family or spend them special times with friends.

  2. Thanks Jen! You brought up two ideas I didn't really say much about: going home to visit family - who is better at celebrating your birthday than the people who made you & have been celebrating with you since birth! And making plans with friends is a great idea. I have zero family nearby so friends are the new family. Thanks for coming by!


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