Friday, April 19, 2013

Chill Drills: Meditation With A Military Touch

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I like to go through all the deployment literature I've received from the Navy and support organizations on a regular basis. No matter how many times I go through it I always seem to find something new that happens to fit right into where we are at that phase of deployment.

As I was going through brochures and books last week I found a handout for Chill Drills. These are meditations created by a counselor who works primarily with service members. You can read more about Heidi J. Bauer and Chill Drills here. These short meditations were developed specifically for use by military folks but they are just as applicable and helpful for military spouses and children too. There are six .mp3 downloads in varying topics available here.

These would be great to download and give to military loved ones. Well-being is a huge part of their ability to be successful, to get quality sleep, recovery and downtime. I am going to pass them along to my husband when he gets home. I have tried to meditate with him before but he usually just gets quickly distracted and then starts watching me as I am meditating. He definitely needs to relax more so I am hoping to get him hooked on these. If I tell him they were specifically created for military folks maybe he'll take them a little more seriously.

I encourage you to check these out yourself and definitely make sure your military folks hear about these and have access to them. The ability to tune down stress is life critical for all of us. It has a huge impact on our health. Little actions like a few minutes of meditation go a long way to keep our bodies, minds and spirits healthy. Check out Chill Drills!

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