Monday, February 18, 2013

What Do You Say When The Navy Checks In?

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The Navy called the other day to check in on us. I guess more accurately it would be The Unit or The NOSC or something. I think they're supposed to call every month but I can only remember talking to them maybe three or four times in the past eight months. I have a very foggy memory of my husband perhaps getting a check-in call while he was here on R&R a couple of months ago and reporting that we were well.

I never know what to say when they call. I have no inclination to ask them for help.I don't even know these people.  I do believe the military is very willing to support deployed families in every way possible, but I just don't know how they would address any of our real problems right now. And it's like telling your husband's boss you have problems implying that you can't handle them, and that never seems appropriate.

So I always just seem to say something like, "We're alive and well." I don't even know what I really mean by that, other than I guess we're still standing.

How about you fellow military wives, what do you say when you get the deployment check-in call? I'd love to hear if you've asked for help or what you do say to them. How do you feel when the military calls to check in?

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